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3 Common Types of Psychometric Personality Tests

Personality Tests are important for assessing the behavioral traits which are required in specific careers. This type of assessment falls under the scope of Psychometric assessment and is important for finding out whether a candidate has the aptitude and skills for a particular job. It considers personality traits such as socialization, motivation, sensitivity threshold and the power of a person to cope with challenging scenarios. It is quite challenging to interpret personality traits accurately. While hiring deserving workers, sound judgment can be obviously very assistive for workers. Read and know about 3 of the most common Psychometric Personality Tests that are used widely.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


This kind of assessment aims to evaluate the preferences of candidates and find out their approach to the world and their decision making process. It was during the 1940’s that the MBTI was developed first by the mother-daughter duo of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. They devised this test as a way to understand personality preferences that would assist women entering for the first time in the labor force to identify which of the war-era jobs would be most suitable for them. The test, originally used as a questionnaire, slowly turned into the MBTI by the early years of the ‘60s.


This type of test includes a series of compulsory choice questions where any of two probable answers have to be chosen by every individual for every question. The choices include a combination of short sentences and word pairs for reflecting contrary preferences. If candidates feel they cannot choose the right answers, they have the option to skip questions. At present, the European English version consists of 88 questions whereas the North American English version comprises of 93 compulsory choice questions.




This kind of test is internet-based and can be taken online. It is available in over 30 different languages around the globe. Most people take less than half an hour to finish the questionnaire. They can get a wide range or reports which offer graphical, concise and clear performance against job competences. The majority of reports are created to be utilized by line managers.




This type of test evaluates behavioral aspects which are important for performing to the maximum potential. These aspects cannot be identified easily by interviews, going through CVs and other standard methods. With this specific form of Psychometric Test, a simple and clear framework is used for determining what kind of impact personality traits will have on professional performance.


These tests are being seen as more advantageous, given that no printed material is involved in the process and the expense of administrating the test is much lower. Results can immediately be obtained without any input from humans. Many candidates are happier with this test, as they can participate in them in their own free time and from anywhere. The acceptability of these tests has led to the rise in the number of choices and recruiting organizations are now using more varied tests for assessing candidates.