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8 Common Psychometric Tests Used for Screening Employees

Psychometric tests are being increasingly relied on to test or assess the personality of individuals, often conducted in the pre-hiring process. These are standard instruments for determining the characteristics, attitude and intelligence of individuals. Personality traits are understood through these tests, and this helps recruiters to find out whether a candidate has the skill sets needed for improving the productivity of the organization. Find out about 8 of the Psychometric Tests which are used most widely today.


Aptitude Tests


Such kinds of tests are used widely for evaluating the level of knowledge or ability of an individual in a specific domain. However, these are used most commonly for understanding the level of ability or intelligence of a person. The format can differ on the basis of the kind of Aptitude Test which is being used.


Knowledge Tests


These are designed for specific domains, like IT or engineering, and usually consist of multiple choices. This type of multiple-choice format evaluates the proficiency of the candidate in a specific area or domain.


Accuracy Tests


Candidates have to find out whether a numerical series in same or varied, within a very short time span. Accuracy test, also referred to as Checking Test, evaluates the ability of candidates to spot problems in a cluster, accurately and quickly.


Abstract or Inductive Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a subject to understand and deal with unknown information for problem solving. This is aimed at finding out how well a candidate is able to think, analyze and conceptualize. The format of this type of test includes finding out how to finish a sequence of symbols simply by taking a look at it.


Numerical Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a subject to examine and understand numeric data and calculate wherever needed. Currency conversions, trends, percentages and ratios are some of the topics which are dealt with. A multiple-choice test format is used.


Verbal Comprehension or Verbal Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a candidate to understand arguments or verbal descriptions and draw inferences by understanding their significance's. In verbal reasoning tests, the format includes reading a section or passage and then providing answers to questions with False, True or Can’t Say. The emphasis of verbal comprehension test is more on syntax, spelling and grammar.


Personality Questionnaire


This kind of questionnaire is created to know about the working process of candidates, and the ease with which they can fit in specific teams and working environments. A series of different statements are included in the test format, to which subjects have to answer “Yes” or “No”. They are also asked to choose the statements that describe them the most and the least.


Motivation Questionnaire


The aim of this kind of questionnaire is to find out what motivates a candidate, and using the information to improve the ambiance of the organization to boost satisfaction of employees and making them retain. The test format consists of a series of statements which candidates have to rate as whether improving each will motivate or de-motivate them.