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What are the Primary Advantages of Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric testing and assessment is increasingly being used for the assessment of the aptitudes, values, work styles, personality and motivation of individuals in an organization. It is useful for hiring, retention and development of the best talent in companies. The importance of Psychometric can be understood the growing importance of pre-recruitment assessment in organizations. It also reflects the growing requirement for transparency and compliance by offering tools that make hiring and management extremely objective and effective. Find out about some of the primary advantages of Psychometric assessments before employment.


These are objective


There are quite a few flaws in the interview process, and evaluation of interviews can be very subjective. There are differences in the way an interviews distinguishes a great response from a good one. With a pre-recruitment assessment, the intuition of interviews can be supported or debunked. A valid Assessment Tool can offer an external and unbiased perspective which can be useful along with standard evaluation methods used in interviews.


These are cost-effective


Although assessments involve some expense, they can actually help save money. Hiring the wrong people can cost your organization in time, money and reputation. You will waste a lot of money and time in interviewing, training, salaries and other benefits, sub-par performance, retraining new recruits and losing superior employees to competing companies. With pre-hiring assessments, you can choose the right candidates, boost productivity and save money.


These improve recruitment process


With pre-employment assessments, you can find out the key areas you need to probe during interviews. You can improve the recruitment process by combining the information with proper behavioral interviewing skills. For instance, if a candidate is not found to very decisive during the assessment process, you can devote sections of the interview to finding out about the key decisions taken by the candidate in the past and the results for them.


These help increase success ratio


Using an assessment to compare your current best workers against the workers who are less effective, you can determine specific qualities which can indicate success in your organization. You can compare new candidates against this model and spot those who can be best for your company. With time, you can add more data to your decisions on hiring. This will automatically help boost the success ratio for your organization.


These are simple and user-friendly


This type of assessment has been designed to be simple enough to be effective for users. With forced-choice options, the competency of candidates can be assessed easily. The use of online testing ensures that more time is saved, and the results are easier and quicker to obtain than with numerous pen-and-paper tests. Basic assessments can take only around 15 minutes, as compared to written tests which take 1 – 2 hours to be completed.


These are transparent


Full transparency can be expected with these assessments, and supportive documents can be furnished to display how an assessment has been validated for your particular organization. Assessments can be made suitable for your specific type of industry, irrespective of whether you are in retail, management, services or any other type of industry.